60-min Discovery Session is a step in the initial cooperation phase to discuss clinets needs, define purpose, goals, boundaries, and to start drafting consultancy agreement.

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What is your vision, mission and purpose? Would you like me to help you define your goals and what would you like to achieve? Let’s begin!

60-min Discovery Session is a step in the initial coaching phase to discuss coaching purpose, boundaries, and potentially start drafting the contract based on this. Talking about executive’s goals, defining explicitly how I will help them build clarity and stronger relationships. Provide a sample of what I can offer by asking powerful questions and empathic listening.

Knowledge of the business or experience in the organisation are always useful for me at this point. Just asking powerful questions about goals I help the leader reflect on them.

Linking business challenges to executive’s challenges, engaging them in what they care about, expand their horizons by linking new ideas, insights, and capabilities to their passions, concerns, and interests.

This product is specifically designed for organisations, businesses, leadership and executive level clients.