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Zen Coaching Values Compass

The key elements for ethical behaviour (values) I follow in my coaching practice include the following. Honesty and responsibility. Respect in a client, accepting the client as an individual without judgement. Being genuinely curious about the client and integrating the NLP supposition that people have all the resources they need to make changes they want. Alike Knight (2009) I truly believe that “one of the biggest influences we have as a coach is our belief in the person with whom we are working and if we cannot imagine the person achieving their outcomes, then we should not be coaching them”.

I adopt the mindset that someone is capable, resourceful, and full of potential. This builds their self-belief and self-motivation and enables them to make their own powerful choices. Personal integrity (congruence), authenticity, behave according to my own values and sometimes confront clients with unwelcome facts and opinions as opposed to seeking clients approval or admiration. ‘Do no harm’ and always act in good faith, which involves knowing clearly what my work is in service of.

Openness and clear communication and re-contracting if problems arise, referrals if we are not a right fit for the client, whistle blowing in case we witness unethical behaviour are some of the choices we have if we come across some difficult ethical situations. I make clear moral choices when come across difficult ethical issues in my practice and I am aware of my limits when this happens. When in doubt I consult my supervisor or ICF.

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