Professional leadership coach

About me

I am a certified leadership coach, explorer and nature lover.

I help my clients reconnect with themselves and with nature around them. I help leaders become the best versions of themselves – visionary and authentic. I help clients in their life and professional transitions and in finding solutions to their challenges. 

My coaching practice is built on compassion, connectedness and authenticity. I develop relationships and trust starting from my strong intuition and ‘feeling people’. I like to dance with different coaching approaches to release each client’s own creativity, ideas and potential for growth. 

My natural curiosity enables deep listening and devoting my full attention to my clients. As a coach, my first priority is to offer a safe space for reflection and uninterrupted thinking. I like to integrate mindfulness into my coaching approach to practice balance with oneself and with nature. I like to stay open to not-knowing and I often access my own intuition in order to understand the many different ways to work with a client.

I believe in the power of the right questions at the right time and in introducing lightness and energy in my coaching sessions. I strive for the right balance between supporting and challenging, as key for an ideal coaching experience.

As a leadership coach I adopt the mindset that every person is capable, resourceful, and full of potential. Knowing I am helping a person in realising their true potential by removing limitations that are within them and seeing them become happier and more fulfilled with their lives and work is my key motivator. 

All you need is already in you and dreams are yours to live! 

Professional leadership coach

Professional experience and certification

Over the past six years I have been coaching leaders, executives and private clients. Before I became a Professional Leadership Coach with a leading international non-profit, I worked as their Senior Advisor for Organisational Development for almost twelve years. This equipped me with years of experience building effective coaching relationships in a diverse social and cultural environment.

I am a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I did my formal training and graduated with Advanced Certificate in Executive Coaching at University of West England, Bristol Business School and with Level 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching and Leadership Mentoring at Institute of Leadership and Management in UK. I also have a BBA diploma in Management and Marketing, Business Administration from Business Academy in Warsaw and Solvay Business School in Brussels and a Master’s Degree in Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies at University of Bradford in the UK.

Be bold, be brave & be yourself in all you do!

About ZenCoaching

ZenCoaching is a practice dedicated to changing the world by helping people discover their passion and do what they love with meaning and purpose and in balance with nature.

ZenCoaching practice for Leadership aims to help leaders to be inspiring, authentic and visionary, so they can grow and make extraordinary things happen in their professional lives and for their organisations, in integrity with their core values.

Nature Coaching is about bringing people into an environment of calm. When we connect with nature, we calm our nervous systems and achieve a level of relaxation that allows us to reconnect with our true selves. Spending time in nature can also push us out of our comfort zone, help us face certain fears and overcome blockages.

ZenCoaching is a blend of life, professional and leadership coaching that aims to create a unique coaching environment for all types of clients. All my coaching practice is based on science, professional coaching and coaching psychology literature and research. I use neurolinguistic programming (NLP), deep listening and powerful questioning practices. ZenCoaching integrates mindfulness, meditation, connection to nature and other holistic body and mind practices to achieve the right state of mind for creative and innovative thinking, problem solving and healing.

I strongly believe that coaching offers people a chance to be happier and more fulfilled both in private life and professionally. In turn it helps create healthier societies. And with this a better, more mindful and more peaceful world to live in. That change for the individual becomes my drop in the ocean contribution to positive change in the world.

To find out more about ZenCoaching practice and schedule an exploratory coaching session with me please follow the link.

“Without a Why, big things can’t happen. With it, you become unstoppable. Let’s begin” – Simon Sinek