Want to find out what a coaching session with me looks, feels & sounds like? I offer a free 30-minute consultation session. Please choose this option to book your free session. 

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Seek first to understand… then to be understood. Steven Covey

30-min consultation session is a mini exploratory conversations, a moment that serves as a mini coaching conversation to give potential client a sample of my coaching by asking questions about their life, their work, current goals and challenges their facing. Usually people get intrigued with possibility of turning the mini conversations into coaching engagement.

To start building any coaching relationship I like to run a 30 minutes Exploratory Consultation (a chemistry session) where I give a client a sample of how would working with me look like, feel and sound like. Making informal first assessment of a client, what they want, what they need, their environment, goals, dreams and challenges.

It also samples how my coaching can provide an invaluable thinking and reflection space for the busy private client, executive or senior leader.