Merci pour vos opinions ! La rétroaction est l’une des ressources les plus précieuses pour un coach. Il fournit des informations sur la façon dont le client reçoit le coaching et indique à l’entraîneur quels aspects du coaching fonctionnent bien et lesquels pourraient être faits différemment. Les commentaires positifs des clients, en particulier en ce qui concerne le maintien de l’espace, la confiance, la création d’un environnement de pensée sûr, la tenue d’un rôle professionnel et un fort sentiment d’autonomisation que mes clients éprouvent pendant les sessions, m’encouragent à continuer à les développer. Voici ce que les clients disent de ZenCoaching.

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« As a mid-career lawyer working in human rights and based in Turkey, I was recommended Patrycja’s coaching at a time when I was feeling a strong urge for change both personally and professionally but was unclear on how to go about it. I was initially a bit skeptical about coaching in general, but given Patrycja’s excellent credentials and vast experience in the field of human rights I knew that if I were to try it, she would be the right person to help me navigate this life transition. I had not guessed at the time how much I would be able to achieve thanks to her generous support, and early on in the process I became a strong believer in the impact that coaching can have. Through insightful questions, helpful tools and resources, and genuine care for me and our work together, Patrycja helped me as I defined my goals, priorities and next steps in a way that truly aligns with my values. She is an excellent listener with great attention to what is being said but also unsaid, and through our conversations I often challenged myself to think more creatively. I also very much appreciated her taking special note of context-specific challenges I was facing and integrating them in our sessions and beyond. The way she approached our time together was empowering in every sense as she both supported me in reaching and implementing some difficult decisions and equipped me with the experience and methods which I can repeat in other situations. Thanks to my work with Patrycja, I feel confident in my decisions and I have clear goals and better control over how I spend my time. Most importantly, I’ve made great progress in balancing the personal and professional – something I had been struggling with alone for many years. I cannot recommend her enough. »

Güley Bor, Lawyer, Bor Legal Consultancy

« I still remember those times when I felt lost, I didn’t really know who I was and wasn’t sure if I meant anything to others. I saw everyone busy getting another apartment, a fancy car or making sure that there were a couple of extra zeros on their bank accounts. I started to feel overwhelmed and couldn’t find peace, totally disappointed, I doubted the values I used to follow – in which I grew up. I just wasn’t convinced whether my role in this world was of any significance. I used to have those intrusive thoughts, especially at night. I kept thinking and wondering if the fact that you don’t drive an opulent car determines whether you are accepted or not. Fortunately, I found a wonderful person- Patrycja who listened to my painful contemplation, dug deep into my soul and heart and finally allowed me to discover what is valuable in me. She made me understand that me being here is a profound miracle, that I have a special role and mission during my life. Now I can take care of myself, my needs, I am able to protect my values and way of living. I savour every single minute of my life because I know that I am here for something. Patrycja is a professional who will eagerly show you new paths to pursue and I know that it’s her secret mission – to help people find happiness in their lives even if it means radical changes in your attitude, demeanor or inclinations. I can quote Joseph Campbell: « Life has no meaning. Each of us has meaning and we bring it to life. It is a waste to be asking the question when you are the answer. » It seems that Patrycja showed me that I am the answer. »

Małgorzata, Life Coaching Client

« Patrycja was an invaluable resource to Amnesty International in organizational development, movement building, governance issues and conflict resolution for more than ten years. She provided crucial help to the Europe Regional Office of Amnesty in supporting national Amnesty sections and coordinating planning among the many entities in the region. She also helped to effectively address internal organizational culture challenges in our office, as well as provided excellent individual coaching to managers, including myself. I highly recommend Patrycja and look forward to working with her again. »

Nils Muižnieks Director, Europe Regional Office, Amnesty International

« One of the reasons why I appreciate life so much is that we have so many various roles. Some stay with us forever. Some are just for a while. Therefore, it is so significant to evaluate and check in with yourself regularly. I am truly grateful for having the meaningful opportunity to know Patrycja. She has unique competencies and outstanding communication skills to lead your life and professional coaching adventures. During the sessions with her you get the sheltered zone to have doubts or feel weak. By her ability to listen and raise the right questions you develop the space to reshape beliefs, recognize your strengths and mature for transition. This enabled me to be more authentic leader. I highly recommend this cooperation to everyone! »

Katarzyna Zyskowska, Head of HR Operations EMEA

« Patrycja is a force of nature. I worked closely with her at Amnesty International, sharing a deep commitment for the purpose of the human rights movement. We worked on leadership, decision making processes, change management and organizational culture, amongst other things. She combines a wealth of expertise, and rigorous and consistent thinking with empathy, positive energy and kindness. »

Wies De Graeve, Director, Amnesty International Belgium